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Les Cromz - Tome 1
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The Evil Fault

Original Title

Les Cromz - Tome 1 La Faille maléfique

In a cave, a group of friends discover children from prehistoric
times... alive and well!

In Cromzomia, 20,000 years BC, there was, according to a legend passed on from generation to generation, a dangerous cave, called the Evil Fault. It was said that a strange spell would fall over any poor souls who entered it: time would stop, and they would find themselves in eternity. Two young curious and daring Cromz, Lola and Titos, ventured in anyway. While they were exploring the infinite depths of this rocky mass, the earth quaked so violently that the scree imprisoned them in a labyrinth of tunnels. Forever.

22,000 years and then some later, Mrs. Annick's pupils are spending the day in a small wood, filming a photo-essay to present to the mayor of Tranchemontagne. Their goal: to oppose
the construction of a building. While doing this, a few children come across the blocked entrance to a cave by accident. There they discover the Cromz. While Lola and Titos
try to understand the peculiar world they now find themselves in, Manu and his friends try to track the two extremely energetic children.

Strong points
  • Target readership: children 8 to 10.
  • A fable about uprooting, resilience and friendship.
  • A four-volume story, fast paced and full of humour.
  • The heroes are boys!
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12,95 $ CAD
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February 2019
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136 pages


Jannick Lachapelle

Jannick Lachapelle

Jannick Lachapelle holds diplomas in landscape architecture,regional development and journalism. 
She currently works as a cultural development advisor, except on Wednesdays, which she devotes to writing.
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Jean-Paul Eid

Jean-Paul Eid

Jean-Paul Eid began his career in 1985, working for the humour magazine Croc, with “Les aventures de Jérome Bigras”.
Jean-Paul Eid's illustrations have been exhibited in several Canadian science and history museums. The artist has also collaborated on film and television productions.
He is considered a prominent figure in the history of the Ninth Art in Québec.

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