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Léo P., détective privé - Tome 1
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The Disappearance

Leo P. Private Detective - Volume 1

Original Title

Léo P., détective privé - Tome 1 La disparition

An original series that includes comic strips!

After his father's disappearance, Léo finds a series of clues that lead him to discover the man's double life. The person believed to be just a real estate broker turns out to be... a
private detective! After finding the keys to his father's secret office, Léo decides to reopen some unsolved investigations: he assumes that one of them will lead him to his father, but which one?

In this first volume, Léo, determined to clear up his father's disappearance, has to find a dog belonging to a rather unpleasant client, one Mme Lafleur... unless it's actually the very valuable jewel in the dog's collar that she wants? The young and inexperienced private detective is assisted in his quest by Laurie, his friend Sam's girlfriend, a resourceful and bright girl who helps him gather important clues. Obviously, Léo has to pursue the investigation while hiding from his mother and close friends that he's now a private detective! Not to mention that he still has to go to school and qualify for the competitive soccer team...

Strong points
-  very lively style.
- In addition to providing clues, Frédéric Goyette's illustrations make the story very dynamic and enable young readers to create more precise mental images of the action and the characters. See complete product information (French)
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14,95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
November 2016
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112 pages


Carine Paquin

Carine Paquin

Carine Paquin is a primary school teacher, drama teacher
and the author of several books. She never misses an opportunity
to attend school performances or literary workshops
and is also very involved in the world of educational publishing.
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No english biography of the author. See full author information (French)

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