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  • Be The Planet's Super-Eco-Zero-Hero

    Be The Planet's Super-Eco-Zero-Hero

    La planète dont tu es le super z'héros écolo

    Florence Léa Siry, Sans Cravate

    Super-missions galore for looking after the planet

    The zero-waste lifestyle is gaining ground worldwide. Faced more and more regularly with environmental problems, young people are keen to get involved... but where to start? This book was especially written to make them want to become responsible [...]

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  • My Life Without You - A scrapbook of activities and memories for coping with grief

    My Life Without You

    Ma vie sans toi

    Josée Jacques

    A creative way to face up to a devastating ordeal and express grief.

    This is a very beautiful scrapbook that allows a grieving child to preserve precious memories of someone dear who has passed away (photos, stories, etc.) and to express, through a number of activities (drawings, writing), the emotions triggered by [...]

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    Moi, je connais ça, les allergies!

    Dominique Seigneur, Jacques Laplante

    Violette, aged seven, explains food allergies and shares her safety tips!

    Violette, aged seven, has had food allergies since she was just a baby. Her parents have come up with tips to avoid “accidents”. At parties, in airplanes, on walks, at school, at home: here, there and everywhere, Violette knows what to do to avoid [...]

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  • MY PARENTS ARE SEPARATING - A scrapbook of activities and memories for dealing with change.


    Mes parents se séparent

    Jennifer Tremblay, Félix Girard

    A creative way to express sadness and deal with this family-disrupting event.

    The aim of the collection is to give children and parents tools to overcome difficult events, whether small or big, that occur in families. This is a scrapbook not only for preserving precious memories of family life, but also, through activities [...]

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