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Planches d'enfer — Tome 4
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Awesome Boards - Volume 4

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Planches d'enfer — Tome 4

The adventures of a merry band of skateboarders!

When she arrives in her new town of Rawdon, Annabelle's biggest fear is of starting the year at Cascades High School. While her skater girl look doesn't go unnoticed among the girls at school, she's luckily not the only skateboarder, and her arrival turns the little world of Loïc, Samuel, Xavier, Mathis and Fabrice upside down. Determined to keep girls out of their group, they nonetheless don't mind making friends with Annabelle, who shares their enthusiasm. 

By the time of the famous “Awesome Boards” competition, the tension is at its peak. It looks like it will be a high-level contest, but they have lots of speed and competitive spirit! What with sport, teachers, parents, school routine and a touch of love in the air, powerful emotions are sure to play a major role in these teenagers' daily lives!

In book after book, new challenges face the group of friends, and the teenagers learn and change together. New seasons, new encounters, new questions to be answered, not to mention the competitions—there's a lot to cope with! The upcoming summer holidays promise to be unforgettable!

Strong points
  • An original subject: the main characters are extreme sports enthusiasts. They compete in roller-skating, snowboarding and surfing.
  • A series written for both boys and girls; the feminine and masculine universes are very well balanced.
  • A four-part series.
  • A series hailed by reviewers for its authenticity and humour, pacing and sparkling style. 
  • Endearing characters.
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15,95 $ CAD
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August 2018
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280 pages


Chloé Varin

Chloé Varin

Chloé Varin loves writing stories with a happy ending. She speaks several languages, and enjoys travelling, reading under the covers, and singing to her own cats that she's so crazy about. See full author information (French)

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